14-Aug-2018Baltimore, MD +12 milesReptiles for Sale
I am a captive bred sub-fullgrown aquatic male Rio Grande cooter turtle (Pseudemys gorzugi) that is for adoption in the Baltimore/York, PA, area. I'm about 6 ins long and about 3 years old, which means I could live another 15-25 yrs. I would l...
Shelly is a female Red-Earred Slider turtle who Shares her tank with her older buddy Victoria, She is a little more shy, but swims right up to you at feeding time. She has a nice appetite, likes to climb on top of her turtle friend and basking. Please do your research and be certain you are ready to commit to her lifetime. If you are interested, please email us for an application. Her adoption ...
11-Jun-2018Baltimore, MD +12 milesReptiles for Sale
I'm an 8", three to 5yr old common snapping turtle for adoption in the Baltimore area. I grew up indoors since I was a baby, so I can't be released to the wild, because we don't know where I came from originally, or if I was kept with non-nativ...
Slithering and exploring is this lizard s fun. His name is Mojo and he is an Anole. He is small at about 5ins and he enjoys climbing in and out of his tree decoration in his enclosure. Mojo will allow us to handle him, but he prefers to be safe in his home. He likes to eat crickets too. Mojo appears to be a young male . Visit this organization's website to see any additional information availab...
Tiny Tim who is not so tiny anymore was a "prize" at a carnival! What an awful practice! He was "won" by a family and kept as a class pet, but sadly, not well kept as a class pet. Foster mom was asked to summer sit and he never left, teacher didn't want him back. He is about fifteen years old, in handsome shape and looking for a forever home. Please be well versed on the proper care of red eare...
12-Feb-2018Baltimore, MD +12 milesReptiles for Sale
I have a 3ft corn snake. He eats 3-4 live mice every 2-3 weeks. Comes with 50 Gal tank. Asking $100 with tank or $65 without tank Will send pictures upon request Text 4433424725
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